My Biggest Lesson Learned Through This Difficult Pandemic Time

Sean Jantz
3 min readMay 26, 2020

It goes without saying that this is a difficult time for all of us. Whether it be financially, physically, spiritually, or in my case, emotionally.

I’ve been working from home 100% online for 6 years so this quarantine deal hasn’t affected me as much as others. So far the hardest aspect of all of this for Megan and me is the kids.

Typically our 2-year-old goes to learning center school during the day and now we have a newborn at home as well. We can definitely tell the “stuck at home” is wearing down our two-year-olds attitude at times and quite honestly our attitude as well. We’re finding it nearly impossible to unwind which we typically do with date nights. The shitty attitude that I get is hindering my focus and my “flow state” in my work. I can’t believe how far behind I am on my 2020 goals and projects.

One of my favorite quotes that I come back to a lot is, “Difficult times can define you, they can diminish you…. or…. DEVELOP you.”

I’m making a stand right now with this podcast that I’m not letting this time diminish or define me. I’m using all of this to develop myself into the next best version of Sean Jantz.

Now, onto my biggest lesson I’ve learned through all of this.

As far as financially, I know this time is hitting hard at so many people. I’ve been seeing people on t.v. struggle now that so many have lost their job and they weren’t properly taught to have adequate savings.

For Megan and me, this pandemic hasn’t affected us financially one bit. Megan has been a financial advisor and money coach for 8 years and through her work, we’ve learned how to get debt free and we have over a year’s worth of liquid cash emergency fund. We’ve also learned over the years how to create multiple streams of income. Offline, and more importantly ONLINE through virtual coaching and stock market trading. We never received a penny of stimulus money (we don’t qualify) and honestly, I’m super proud of that.

Now, by ZERO means am I saying all of this to brag or boast.

Sean Jantz

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